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What Karen thought of the Shine One Day Experience


If you’re reading this then I know you’re a woman who is intelligent‚ strong–willed and knows what she wants…mostly! I add the ‘mostly’ because you may also be doubting this in yourself. Even though you have accomplished so much in your life. Even when people tell you how awesome you are and what great work you’re doing…even then.

Because it doesn’t matter how many cheerleaders and advocates you have; until you are your own cheerleader‚ friend and lover‚ there is always something missing.

Well I’m here to tell you this.

You are here to Shine. And it’s time to Shine Your Light.

If you feel stuck‚ or feel a heaviness in you‚ or even numbness.

If you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders‚ and can’t quite ‘figure out’ why you can get some things so ‘right’ in your life and others not so much!

If you feel stressed at the thought of changing the rut or confusion that you’re in.

If you feel yourself trying too hard and then feel exhausted or simply unsatisfied.

If you feel so bloody annoyed that you can’t get that ‘thing’ done‚ that you’ve wanted for so long.

Then you need some Shine in your life!

If any of this resonates then I hear you. If you’ve experienced a lack of confidence or the ‘not good enough’‚ closing off to those around you‚ everything feels hard and so it’s better not to do it…not to choose you’re health, not to change your work, not to change anything. It’s easier to stay stuck. I get it.

I experienced all of this. I get it.

We can go through crappy times‚ and then wonderful things can emerge from them. For me‚ this is when Shine and the Shine Your Light programmes were born.

Shine is about empowering you to be who you are. It is possible and absolutely needed! Really it is!

You can feel confident on the inside AND the outside‚ with how you look and feel and following the dreams and wishes you have always wondered about.

And it starts with your relationship with yourself.

If you’re feeling mentally and emotionally ‘full up’ and want to feel less stressed;


If you want that relationship‚ or to write the book‚ or travel the world‚ or live the life you really want‚ then choose.


You get to choose how you want to work within the Shine and Shine Your Light programmes.

Each experience is designed to work with you in a gentle‚ yet deep way‚ allowing you to re-connect to yourself, especially to connect with your womanly awesomeness. When we connect to our core energy‚ our heart and our intuition‚ we trust our choices and step forward with curiosity, openness and ease.

You’ll get to play and cry and release and expand like never before‚ and I will be with you throughout your adventure. Because I know this for sure…you’ve got this. You are a goddess already. A Shining Star. Already.

And now it’s your time. To SHINE even Brighter.

Which one speaks to you?!

Choose the Shine One Day Experience (next workshop is Sat 19th Jan 2019)
  • In-person event held in London, UK (the January workshop will be at The Mulberry Centre, London, TW7 6AF)
  • You’ll get to explore aspects of you that you may be hiding or shying away from‚ have fun and let go of crap you no longer need.
  • You’ll get to create clarity and movement around your visions‚ wishes and desires
  • Being in a group environment always reminds us that we are not alone and that we can connect and pull from others’ experiences too‚ especially with the special connection that women create when together
  • Click here to read about and book onto the next SHINE One Day Experience 

Choose the Discover Shine course to break yourself in gently, especially if you’re new to the work of investing in yourself



Choose the Shine Your Light One-on-One Programme
  • Your responses to your life will change and you let go of stuck–ness and stress.  You’ll know HOW to manage your life and it’s challenges
  • You’ll access‚ release and expand your inner self with confidence‚ trust and feel brave about following your desires.
  • You’ll work on your patterns, excel the ones that bring out the best in you, and let go of the ones that hold you back
  • Client experiences –> how one client moved on with her life after stress and burnout 
  • I choose who I work with on a 1:1 basis because it is such a deep relationship, so you’ll want to book a complimentary discovery call to ensure we are aligned – go straight here and book now–discovery
Choose Shine for your team or organisation if you would like private group or team work (book a call with me so we can connect further with your requirements)

Please book in a conversation with me to discuss further so we decide the best fit for you ––discovery

Or for the latest dates for the upcoming programmes contact us


I am here to inspire change. To inspire and create change with you and within you‚ so you can then go on to inspire your own change (for yourself or others). I stand beside you‚ whether we speak for 30mins or work together for longer. Whether we work deeply one–on–one or whether it’s in a group. You get my support. I am your cheerleader on the sidelines whilst you tap into your OWN cheerleader (the most important one!).



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