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Thank you so much for being here to read and hear my words.  

Writing is how I share what my heart is telling me.  I feel our human experience and connection expands when we share our stories and that we are all Storytellers – regardless of the medium we choose to share them in.

I have wanted to write books since I was a little girl.  And now I know this will happen soon.

Whilst I work on getting these books out of me and into your hands, I continue with my ‘storytelling’ on here, on facebook, and wherever else I can!

Enjoy and feel free to share what resonates with you!

And join me on facebook here for other ‘stories’ in written, video and ‘live’ format!  

Amarjot x



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A Story about Fears

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Why speaking your truth is good for stress relief and your health

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How to use your feelings as clues to move forward

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2018’s New Dawn

As we have already stepped into the new dawn of 2018, I thought I would share my thoughts with you. This is how I spent my Eve that brought us into 2018. How did you spend yours?

What new dawn thoughts do you bring with you?

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Discover Shine

Its time to clear confusion and stuckness, and move into clarity.  It’s time to Shine Your Light. Access your free video series here!

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What children teach us about resilience

I am constantly in awe of children and how resilient they are. I question how we can hold onto this skill‚ and survival mechanism‚ that is inherently built into us from birth‚ instead of losing it as we grow up.

By resilience‚ I mean our ability to bounce back consistently from real or perceived stress. Our ability to respond to the events around us in a way that doesn’t compromise our physical‚ mental‚ emotional and spiritual strength.

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When did this become ok??

When did it become ok to hate our bodies?

To disconnect from them?

I don’t really watch adverts anymore. They annoy me. Today I happened to hear one in the background.

It was a tampon advert. The strap line was “power against periods”!!!!


How is this ok?

Our menstrual cycle. Our monthly cycle‚ is part of us. Part of us as women. Part of us as humans. And we’re being told that we have to reject them. That we have to keep going through our periods and keep on doing doingdoing!

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The case of the missing car and what it has to do with my business!

Does this happen to you??

You’ve gone on a shopping trip. And then forgotten where your car was parked in a multi–storey?

Have you come back to where you think you parked it‚ and it’s not there?

You feel panic. And worry.

Your stomach drops and you think ‘oh shit’! And a mild sweat forms on your forehead. And you start to turn and walk back through your route‚ maybe with lots of shopping bags in hand. Pretending to be calm.

And your mind starts to tell you things like…why didn’t I check where I was parked properly?

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