Resilience shop

A range of courses, guided recordings and workshops to help relieve stress and improve your health and resilience, on your terms. Do it Your Way.

These services can be used by individuals or tailored for teams and organisations.



Complimentary 30mins Stress Audit

A life-changing, daily stress survival tool to help manage stress, in the moment (in exchange for your email address!)


Free short, shots of stress relief on my youtube channel – Stress Relief shots



Discover Your Shine Course – six bite-size videos if you’re new to self-work



From Stressed to Satisfied – 8 Week Online Course


90mins Become Unstuck Session –> One-Off 90mins Session to create clarity and space in your head, understand your stress and move forward


Superfood for Stress – Online Workshop (COMING SOON)





Client Appreciation

“Personally Amarjot has helped me to be a better Me!
I am living with incurable cancer…and I started this course feeling lost…What I have got is very different‚ I’ve been given the knowledge and tools to live the rest of my life happy‚ connected and just how I want to – irrespective of any cancer!”
∼ Amanda‚ Coaching Client

“The tools and techniques that I was taught during these sessions have enabled me to regain my mental and emotional wellbeing.”
∼ Neena‚ Coaching Client

“Excellent course‚ emotionally transformational. I am more stronger‚ more confident and relaxed to handle very complex situations. Better sleep‚ health‚ optimistic and de–clustered.”
∼ Olu‚ Resilience Programme Participant


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