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Welcome to the space where I help stressed out people to create more ease in their lives!

Maybe you wish you could have some inner peace.

Maybe you wish you could shift the stuckness you’re feeling in your life.

Maybe you want to feel less stress.

Maybe you want to move forward in your work and life and don’t know how or what you could do.

Well imagine this…

Imagine you are managing stress IN THE MOMENT.

Imagine you are making intuitive‚ gut choices that you TRUST and no longer doubt.

Imagine you are confident about what you do and how you approach your life.

Imagine you are sleeping better and making better food choices.

Then this work is for you

You see‚ I didn’t know what resilience meant until I had to find out the hard way. Through work–life stress‚ burnout and eventually illness.

I don’t believe you or anyone else has to find out the hard way.

Because I didn’t have to LEARN it‚ I realised that I already have it. We all already have our resilience hard–wired within us from the moment we come into this world. We work together so you can tap back into that resilience for yourself.

I believe that you can choose differently right now. And that you already know what you want and how you want to do it.

I believe that you can access this part of yourself‚ with confidence and trust and feel happy and fulfilled.

You can do this.

And why do you even have to do this now?

Why not now???

We live in a world full of conflicting priorities and expectations. We mentally struggle to ‘switch off’ because we are always ‘online’. This impacts how we manage our emotions‚ our health choices‚ our relationships and most importantly‚ our selves.

It’s time. It’s time to listen to your body‚ and ‘hear’ what it is telling you.

Even if you don’t know HOW to slow down. Or HOW to make the change.

We work on that together.

Get in touch with me today about how we can work together complimentary stress audit

If you want to get down to business, and begin work right now, then you can choose what’s best for you in the Resilience online shop



Resilience at Work

If you’re curious about my bespoke resilience work with organisations‚ please get book a complimentary discovery call so we can speak about your wishes and requirements.

Feel free to book a space here or through the contact form on this website.

Client Appreciation

“Personally Amarjot has helped me to be a better Me!
I am living with incurable cancer…and I started this course feeling lost…What I have got is very different‚ I’ve been given the knowledge and tools to live the rest of my life happy‚ connected and just how I want to – irrespective of any cancer!”
∼ Amanda‚ Coaching Client

“The tools and techniques that I was taught during these sessions have enabled me to regain my mental and emotional wellbeing.”
∼ Neena‚ Coaching Client

“Excellent course‚ emotionally transformational. I am more stronger‚ more confident and relaxed to handle very complex situations. Better sleep‚ health‚ optimistic and de–clustered.”
∼ Olu‚ Resilience Programme Participant


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