Amarjot’s Self-Love Research Project 2018


I’m Amarjot, and welcome to my new project!

You’re probably here because you’ve heard me talk about my self-love research project for 2018 and decided you’d love to be part of it! Or maybe, you’ve been referred to it by someone else (yay!), or you stumbled across it somewhere (there are no coincidences!).

However you got here, thank you for being here.  I value and appreciate your time and opinion. 

If you already know you want in, then sign up below OR if you’re wondering what this is about, then read on or watch the video…

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I am so curious about self-love in today’s day and age, given our super-fast, super-busy lives, and requirement for immediate response times!  When do we have time for ourselves??!

I am curious about what Self-Love means to you…does it feel OTT? Do you love it?

Do you resist it?  

Do you cringe at the word?

Does it come easily?

In my own journey, and my work as a coach, I have found this an interesting topic! I have grown to be better with my self-care, and yet I find times when I resist slowing down, or taking the time to do what I know I need or want.  I have found the women I work with seem to go through similar challenges, and I want to have some real conversations about this.

My intention is to interview 300 of you (women, men and children*) by the end of 2018.  

I have already had an amazing response from you since I launched this on Sunday 21st January, and will continue to recruit those of you who are willing 🙂


I have 3 simple questions to ask you, and if you would still like to help me, then please sign up in the link below.  You will then receive a confirmation to the subscription, and then your email with full details about how we do this.  I am doing it this way, mainly so I feel organised and manage 300 conversations (the project manager in me!), and more importantly, so I can keep in touch with you about the progress and themes that will come up during the work.

I don’t yet know what I will do with this data, and for now, it is about having the conversations, and to share it with you and my audience.

If you would prefer to send a written response, rather than a chat with me, we can arrange that too!

You’re amazing!

P.S. There is also a Self-Love interview series I’m running on Facebook through my business page, which you can join right here: AmarRouh 

Remember to set up your notifications to follow and be informed of, otherwise you might not catch us live!!

* – children over the age of 8years can join the project with parents’ permission


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We respect your email privacy


Love, Amarjot x

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