Shine One Day Experience

The SHINE One Day Experience is for women who want to Reset their Resilience

If you’re ready to buy your ticket for Saturday 23rd March already, then click HERE (early bird until 10th March!) or for the Special offer for TWO of you click HERE 


This is for you IF:

 You know you’ve been through shit, and come out the other side

 You want to continue 2019 with fun, freedom and self-love for yourself but…

 You cringe at the thought of self-care or feel guilty for spending time with yourself

 You feel inspired by colours and have a tendency to both LOVE and HATE certain colours (there are reasons – and science – behind this!!)

 You enjoy being with other women who ‘get’ you and feel inspired when you are with them

 You want to remember the side of you that you’ve forgotten, especially your confidence

You’ve forgotten what it was like, to not care what others think before doing something for yourself

You find yourself taking life too seriously (a clue might be not being able to laugh at yourself or feeling insulted by what others say, all the time)

You just want a time out for yourself (and your bestie) for one day (this will make an AWESOME present for your bestie!)

You know you have to start doing things differently, to live happier and healthier but quite know where to start

You’re not sure if you’re interested in self-growth or development but want to learn more about yourself without pressure

You’d like some clarity and confidence for the next 12 months without hard goals, or being told what you “should” do

 You’ve had a Colour Story with me before and want the opportunity to dive deeper, with other inspiring women for support

You’ve been to a previous SHINE workshop and want to set up your year, your own way, taking the best bits from before

 If ANY of the above resonate, then IMAGINE BEING LIKE THIS…

©    Really enjoying being you and feeling confident you are strong enough, smart enough, capable enough, and creative enough to shine brightly in your life

©    Feeling confident in your own personal style—even wearing that cute outfit that you wouldn’t risk, and having both the time and energy to take that dream holiday

©    Walking away from the work or people that wear you down

©    Having the confidence to say ‘yes’ to what you love and ‘no’ to what drains you

©    Having simple, easy to use tools at hand to reduce stress and anxiety

©    Being so free in your heart that laughter and joy are your norm

©    Waking up in the morning rested and excited about the day ahead

©    Having a plan and knowing what to do next to create the life you desire

🌈🌈🌈 Take me to buy my ticket

On Saturday 23rd March 2019, you’ll get to spend the day, without worrying about setting goals and targets. That’s not what this is about, although that may naturally occur.

We will:

🌈 Review your last 12 months using Orange (the colour of letting go, movement, travel, humour and emotions) 

🌈 You’ll get to focus on your strengths and skills (even your hidden ones)

🌈 You’ll discover what gets in the way of you making the most of these strengths and traits

🌈 You’ll know what throws you off balance AND how to bring yourself back into sync in quick, simple easy ways using YOUR body, your breath and colour

🌈 Work on your Soul Core traits colours and map your life out for 2019 and onwards, using Yellow (the colour of planning, charm, brightness, the big picture!) whether it’s work, love, health, travel or something else

Will you come and Shine Your Light with us on the 23rd March? I’m ready to buy my ticket


Your early bird rate for the workshop will be open until 10th March 2019 so you’ll pay £77 for the whole day!

After that it will go up to £111.

P.S. you will not want to come if:

🌳 You expect to be told what colours to wear or not wear (although you’ll naturally reach for what makes you Shine after this!)

🌳 You think you need to have all your shit figured out or an aim or outcome for the day – you only need to bring yourself

🌳 You think you can’t be scared or nervous or unclear – those feelings can come with you!!

Feel free to ask me any questions about this or the day itself, and I would LOVE to see you there!!

If you’d like to know my inspiration behind Shine, you can read it here –> Why SHINE?

Amarjot x

Get your early bird tickets here: I’m ready to buy my ticket 

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