Working Together

Working Together

I know you’re intelligent.

You can do most things in your life‚ pretty awesomely. And you know it.

You’re good at your job‚ or running your crazy multi–tasking household‚ or you have always been good at following your travel dreams.

And yet.

Yet‚ there is something that leaves you feeling that there is more. A change of some sort.

You might be burning yourself out in your job. Because it feels like it’s all on you to sort out the mess. You HAVE to fix it surely?!

You might be feeling lonely. In your current relationship‚ or the one that you desperately want. Because you have so much to give. And other people can do it. So why can’t you?!

You want to do that thing that will create change for you…the space‚ the clarity‚ the courage‚ the confidence.

And now is the time

You’ll have been drawn to this space because we have met‚ or worked together in some form‚ or through intuitively coming across me and this work in some way.

However you got here‚ you’re here now. And it’s time. It’s time for YOU. It’s time for you to Shine.

You are here to Shine Your Light and you get to CHOOSE how you do it.

What are you drawn to?

Venture over to Shine to sense what draws you as a woman who wants to create change in her life


Or if it’s team or organisational support you’re looking for‚ then learn more about Resilience

Let’s find the right fit for you.

Client Love & Appreciation

“One session with Amarjot and I was transformed. It’s not at all dramatic to say my session with her was life–changing. And I hoped‚ by the time I sat down to write this‚ that I would find the words to describe the experience of working with her. The reason it’s so tough to describe is because it’s unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Which is a tough call‚ having completed more than 7 years of deep healing work with every coach and counsellor you can think of!”

Cheryl Muir‚ Author

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